Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bar Meetings

So, today I double-booked a haircut and an online meeting. I am in favor of online meetings. They're free, and absorb less time than travel. Today, however, my time cushion wasn't enough even to get home or to the office after the haircut. So, I ended up using my laptop in the bar next door to the salon. They have wifi and beer, which is a big plus.

I like doing church work in bars. It always throws people off their game. It's weird enough to have a laptop in a bar; throw in the church thing and you are the height of foreign.

In seminary, during our psychological analyses, they told me I have histrionic tendencies. I have no idea what they were talking about.

Anyway, it's part of my job to talk to people in bars. Happy hour is prime time for people who like their drink but are not part of the drunken late-night masses. I am now blogging while talking to a guy who believes that his trip to England twelve years ago makes him a beer aficionado. And he's drinking Miller Light. We're doing okay with the church thing, but the beer thing is lacking.

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