Friday, June 10, 2011

Harried and Horsewhipped

Whose idea was it for me to spend a week at our annual denominational assembly and then immediately take a group of church people to another country the day after I get back?  Whoever it was is completely disturbed.

Seriously, it wasn't me.  A lot of things that have always happened the same week of every year shifted this year.  I planned the church trip thinking I'd have a week between my travels.  Not so!  So, I am trying to read the workbook for our assembly, and prepare the two reports I have to give while I'm there, and also get together my folder of travel documents and make last-minute arrangements for our group in Scotland.  Did I mention I also have two weddings this weekend and am preaching on Sunday morning?  Yes, folks, this week is a fun one.

So why am I wasting time blogging, you ask?  Avoidance and procrastination, plain and simple.  I'm going to go write a sermon now.

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