Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On the Anniversary of My Ordination

Today marks eight years since my ordination.  Eight is sort of an in-between number, so the day will not be celebrated with a new tattoo or a trip to far-off lands or anything terribly exciting.  Appropriately, I am spending most of today working like a maniac.  Both of my colleagues are gone, so I'm preparing to preach and liturgize on Sunday and covering the pastoral visits, as well as coordinating volunteers for a summer lunch program, scrambling for details for our next mission trip, finding a house for our new long-term volunteer program, finalizing positions for said volunteer program, booking a church trip to Israel for fall of 2012, and doing all the other things that I usually do.  It's getting a little nuts around here.  Tonight I am going to play a gig at a local bar, if I don't fall over from exhaustion first.  It's a good anniversary.

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