Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Which I Lose My Mind

Do you ever look at your schedule and task list and think, "Yeah, I'm not really sure how that's going to happen?"  That's where I am today...so of course, I am blogging.  In my defense, I am being interrupted with such frequency that it took me forty-five minutes to write those two sentences.

Anyway, my brain is completely fried, what with trying to furnish a 4-bedroom apartment for a bunch of 20-somethings, finalize their service placements for the year, move myself, prepare for a week at camp, and officiate at my usual plethora of weddings.  Add to the mix the fact that this week, all of these people with whom I have very surface-y, light, I-only-know-you-because-we-all-hang-out-at-the-same-bar sorts of acquaintances have decided that it's a good time to break out the profound conversations.  So, Mr. Fun All the Time who avoids deep thought at all cost wanted to talk about parenthood and passing values onto children (because I'm such an expert), and Miss Party-Party wanted to talk about how to find the right spiritual path for her after moving away from her Catholic upbringing, and Mr. Everything's A Joke wanted to discuss how to help a self-destructive friend.  This is part of my vocation.  It's one of the parts that I love.  And yet, it's such a strange thing when the people who are usually part of my fun and relaxation, and who don't often want to deal with the minister factor in me, suddenly need me to be my whole self.  It's not bad, just odd.

The to-do list is not going away of its own volition, so I suppose I should stop procrastinating and start chipping away at it.

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