Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I am Very Busy and Important

Earlier today, I was sitting in a meeting when I received a call that I just had to answer.  And then I had to leave at exactly 12:55 because I had to get to another meeting at 1:00.  I had to leave that meeting at 1:55 to get to my 2:00 meeting, ad so on.  So it goes.  But I heard something disturbing in my voice as I announced that I simply must be going because of blah-di-blah-blah.  I heard that, "See how busy and important I am?" thing.  Ew, I hate that thing.  We've developed this weird culture where people who are more distracted by everything else they have to do are assumed to be more important.  Those of us who schedule our lives so tightly that we have to run around like lunatics and never be fully present anywhere must be more valuable than people who can "afford" to give time to where they are.

I am busy.  I like being busy.  Given enough breathing space now and then, I thrive on it.  But one of the things I'd like to stop doing is using that as a a sign of my own value, either internally or around other people.  And now, because I am so very busy and important, I have to go to a worship planning meeting and an Epiphany party.  

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