Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a Strange World #1

Sometimes as I go through the day, I observe things that make me shake my head, roll my eyes, or generally wonder if I am really of the same species as some of the other people running around this planet.  Hence I introduce to you a category of posts called "It's a Strange World."

The Bachelor
This TV show is surely a sign of a peculiar world.  It's odd enough to me that people think someone can develop a real relationship by lining up a bunch of prospects and auditioning for the role of wife.  I guess in some ways it's just a public version of how a lot of people find a partner.  But the idea that this guy can progress in relationships with a bunch of women and at the end come out with a wife, and that the fact that this woman has watched him build intimacy with a bunch of other women in the process isn't supposed to negatively affect their intimacy and trust level, is more than a little wacky to me.

Also, I'm not sure why I'm watching this show in the first place, but I'm an inconsistent person, and sometimes on my day off, I like to watch really bad television.

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