Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Still Whiny (but at least I'm organized)

It took me an hour and a half and most of a 25 lb. bag of salt to move my car today.  I'm here, but I feel like I've been severely beaten.  This does not lend itself to productivity.  However, I have managed to review and prioritize my task list, so at least I will know what to do when I get around to actually doing things.

I am a complete and utter Franklin Covey addict.  My life relies on their system, and although I've switched my planning from the FC paper system that revolutionized my life several years ago over to my iPhone and a combination of Google calendar and the FC task app, I'm a Covey Coven girl at heart.  Things just work better when I schedule and prioritize.  That way, when I have a wretched case of the Februaries, as I do now, The List just tells me what to do.  Sadly, it does not actually propel me to do things.  In my defense, however, blogging is totally on my task list.

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