Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's a Strange World #2

It's like Nutrisystem...for dogs!

I, of all people, have very little room to criticize people about being wacky about their dogs, but there is something wrong with a world where people pay $60 a month for food that makes their dogs thinner while children starve.

Speaking of children starving, I recently met a man at a party who told me in complete seriousness that it is immoral to contribute to organizations that feed starving people in third world countries.  Apparently starvation is nature's way of curing overpopulation.  

Let's just say that I got a good opportunity to practice my neutral pastor face, and probably utterly failed.

Actually, I agree that overpopulation is a huge problem that may well end in catastrophe for the planet and its inhabitants.  But when I think about how to solve that problem, I think of things like better sex education and increased access to various forms of birth control, worldwide.  I think of end of life issues, and the fact that keeping people alive in any state, by any means, may not be good for them or a responsible use of resources.  ***Insensitivity warning***  As much sympathy as I feel for those who struggle with fertility issues, I think of hormone treatments, in vitro fertilization, donated eggs and sperm, and surrogate mothers - the drastic measures people take to have children who are biologically theirs - and I wonder when it will occur to us that maybe some people aren't meant to reproduce.  I wonder when people will think of things other than letting poor people starve or die of preventable disease while we, the wealthy of the world, blithely use up resources.  Which of course includes me.

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