Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well, I survived Holy Week and made it to the other side of Easter more or less unscathed.  I treated myself to an extra day off, after which I feel shockingly refreshed.  Two days off in a row...I think that may be what normal people refer to as a "weekend."  What a lovely feeling to enjoy Monday while knowing that I had a WHOLE OTHER DAY to continue relaxing.  It helped that yesterday was sunny, warm, and gorgeous.  I got to wear a sundress and sit on a patio with a fruity and delicious liquid.  I'm a simple girl (uh...sort of), and sometimes that's all it takes.

Anyway, I'm back at work now, and feeling pretty good about that, except that apparently the world has decided to blow up today.  Holy crisis day, Batman.  In particular, we are having a crisis around one of the non-profits with which we partner, and a person I supervise.  It's fun, whoo boy.  This administration business occasionally gets really interesting, like when I get to sort out two radically different stories from people who work together but don't want to be in the same room.

Also, I just realized that I have a giant coffee stain on my white and green print dress.  Because clearly it's going to be that kind of day.  

So, what have I been doing other than sorting through crises and sitting on patios and spilling coffee on myself?  Well, I've been playing travel agent for work, organizing a group tour to Europe this summer.  I've been going to board meetings and meeting with couples whose weddings I'll be doing in the next few months.  I've been watching the NHL playoffs and celebrating the Red Wings' sweep of Phoenix and the demise of the Blackhawks.  I've been worrying about my niece, who is having some pretty severe health problems that the doctors haven't quite figured out yet.  I've been spending too much time at the Vortex, sorting out the CNR, and practicing with my band.  I've been writing absolutely abysmal poetry which I would happily share here except that it really is just so very painful, not in content but in quality.  Oh, and there was that whole Holy Week thing.

And somehow, it's almost May now.  Yeesh.  

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