Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's been a frustrating couple of days.

I'm being extorted by a mission agency that wants me to pay for 8 extra people who did not attend the mission trip.  Strangely, we don't happen to have $3,000 sitting around waiting to be sent to people who want us to pay for services never rendered.

The denominational gossip mill tells me that the search for a new head executive has come down to a final candidate.  This candidate makes me profoundly displeased.  Which is to say, I am wondering what kind of Kool-aid they were serving the search committee that prevented them from seeing that this person is all kinds of wrong for the position.  This person's priorities, values, and general demeanor cause me to wonder if there will be any place for me in a denomination that he leads.  And that's highly annoying, because I am the person who has so often said that I made my vows here and will stay until they kick me out.  I just can't imagine a denomination under the leadership of this person being an organization I'd have any interest in being a part of.

The city decided to plow my entire neighborhood the same time.  So, every street for a five-block radius around my house was papered with No Parking After 7AM signs.  Since I had to move my car by 7AM, and had nowhere remotely near my house to park it, I decided to just come to work early.  Any of you who have experienced my morning persona can probably imagine what a fabulous idea that was.

My colleague just stuck his head in to ask if I am okay, because apparently I have frown lines today.  Shocking.

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