Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Have the Weirdest Job

Ministry is a weird job.  We all do a peculiar range of things that somehow qualifies us to do absolutely nothing else.  But sometimes I think I do an even stranger range of things than most ministers.  For example, this week, I was elected to the city urban renewal board.  I'm about to go be a substitute ringer in the bell choir.  Tonight I'll make soup, pray at our Wednesday dinner, and then dash off to attend the board meeting of an emergency shelter for sexually exploited and at-risk teens.  At my desk today, I'm sorting out a budget issue, proofreading a bulletin, creating an advertising campaign for our new long-term volunteer program, and printing flags of foreign countries for a youth event.  Tomorrow I'll be meeting with my supervisees, attending a swanky fundraising dinner, and facilitating a spiritual discussion group at a local bar.  Somewhere in the middle of all this, I will learn to make curried goat.

It's really the goat part that makes it weird.

Yesterday my colleague suggested that I try to teach a course at one of the local colleges.  I love to teach, really I do.  And yet, I think I probably looked at him as though he had suggested that I strap pieces of glass to my feet and run a nude marathon.

I might be feeling slightly overwhelmed.    

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