Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have I Mentioned Fidelia's Sisters?

I think there are about three or maybe four people reading this blog.  Blogs have gone out of fashion, and I haven't really advertised the fact that I've moved to a new blog.  I know of only one person who reads this blog who is not already a member of this organization, but I'm just going to put in a little plug for one of the things I do between Sundays.  I'm on the editorial board for an online journal called Fidelia's Sisters, which is a part of the Young Clergy Women Project.  I edit a column called "Christ and Creativity," which features the artistic pursuits of young clergywomen.

If you are a clergy woman under 40 years of age who engages in creative activity, please consider submitting poetry, pictures of your work, recordings, essays on creative process, etc.  We want to hear from you.  Submissions can be emailed to creativity.ycw@gmail.com.  End of plea.

Anyway, I had some confusion about the deadline for my article this month, even though our managing editor sends out very helpful emails with all the dates on them every month.  For some reason I thought I had another week before the fourth Tuesday of November.  Not so!  At about 2:00am, I realized that my deadline was today.  Did I have an article in the hopper and ready to go?  Not so much.

Hence, what you will find today is a submission from yours truly, about - what else? - my NaNo experience.  Because I'm obsessed.

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  1. you're hysterical. and it's a great article. love, managing editor.