Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Insomnia and Other Fun Things

Here's something I don't appreciate about aging:

(Yes, there are actually things I DO appreciate about aging, like the fact that I seem to become less stupid with time, and church people stop calling me "kiddo" as I develop wrinkles.)

Caffeine sensitivity.  Caffeine is a staple in my diet.  Until about a month or two ago, I could (and did) drink it all day long, with no adverse effects at night.  I always heard people talking about how drinking caffeine in the afternoon or evening kept them up all night, but I didn't entirely believe them, or if I did, I thought it was weird and foreign.  Last night, I had a Diet Coke at 7pm.  At 4am, I was wide awake and my heart was racing.  Apparently I can no longer consume caffeine after some as of yet undisclosed time in the day.  Sweet.

Now, excuse me while I slug down my fourth cup of coffee for the morning.

On a completely unrelated note, I have finished my NaNo, and now have no idea what to do with myself.  It's kind of alarming how much that project consumed the last month of my life.  Those of you who have been subjected to my Facebook status updates and incessant posting about it here are now thinking, "Thank you, Captain Obvious."  Also, I can't seem to stop writing.  Writing is good, but obsession is not.  I need to do things like answer email and write wedding sermons and go to meetings.  Speaking of which, I am about to be late for one of those now, so off I go.

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