Friday, November 5, 2010

I Have a Short Attention Ooh, Look, Shiny!

Keeping my focus on anything for much longer than fifteen minutes is generally a challenge.  This is one reason why I'm good at working with junior high students.  Fortunately, I have a job that suits my flighty and easily bored tendencies, and that allows me to dabble and try things out and call it work.  Every day is a new adventure around here.

Earlier this week, for example, I spent a day teaching five sections of high school history classes.  That's five hours of lecturing/desperately trying to yank discussion out of them about the political and social implications of the Reformation.  I was introduced as an "expert," which I believe is a vast exaggeration bordering on simple falsehood.  I took a church history course in seminary but remember very little of it.  I became interested in this particular topic when I traveled to Scotland and started thinking of it as actual events that happened to real people, and I've been reading about that time period ever since.  Expert, not so much.  However, I can now repeat that lecture by heart, in case anyone needs a crash course.  It was great fun, although I had no voice by the end.

This blog post is a good example of my short attention span.  Remember how yesterday I said I was going to focus on NaNoWriMo?  Well, here I am, and that should tell you something about how well it's going.  

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