Thursday, November 4, 2010


I know, I just started this blog, and I intended to be disciplined about it, but...I have a short attention span.  I also discovered that this is NaNoWriMo, which is a challenge to write an entire 50,000 word (roughly 175 page) novel during the month of November.  So, I have turned some of my energy toward writing a cathartic novel featuring women clergy, the men who do stupid things to them, and a lot of ridiculous wedding stories.  Write what you know, right?  I don't expect that it will be any good, but it's certainly entertaining me.  More importantly, it's a way to force myself into writing something of substantial length, which is something I've always wanted to do but have never managed.  The excuse I usually give for that is time, but the truth is that I'm scared - scared to invest myself into a book and then have it turn out to be really bad.  NaNoWriMo takes away some of my perfectionist anxiety, because it's supposed to be kind of bad.  The point is not to produce the perfect novel. The point is to write - to write a lot of crap, frankly, but to come out at the end with something that produces some usable ideas and tells you that yes, you can actually write an entire novel.

So, in between meetings, continuing education events, and teaching five sections of high school history classes about the political and social implications of the Reformation (which is how I spent yesterday), I am frantically writing a novel.  I think it must be the right decision, because it's been keeping me up at night.  I'll try to keep checking in here, but I have 5,000 words down and 45,000 to go.  There are also a couple of bets riding on this novel.  One of my colleagues bet me $100 that I can't do it, so of course now I must.  A couple of other people who were offended on my behalf said they'd donate $100 to the church if I finished.  There will be a party to check the word count and celebrate my victory.

Look at all these words I've wasted here.  Off to WriMo!

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