Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Weekend, plus a little

Thinking back at last week, I realize that it was kind of weird - not just because I was doing things like making soup and cleaning my apartment, but because I actually had time to think about these things, let alone do them.  My work schedule goes in waves.  I had forgotten that, because the last wave of utterly chaotic busyness lasted about seven months.  The payoff of working ridiculous hours for months at a time is that you occasionally get a week or two in which you have time to sleep, clean, and make soup.  What a relief; now I'll have something to eat during the Advent and Christmas season when boiling water takes too much time.

On a related note, during those rare weeks when I actually do have a little free time, I tend to get a little irritated at insinuations that my life always has that level of flexibility.  But if you read my comment on the previous post, you probably already realized that.  But enough about that.

So, what have I been doing since Thursday?  Well, on Friday I worked from home.  It's evaluation season, so I have been reviewing the people I supervise, and also revisiting my own job description and my performance over the last year.  The pastoral staff here writes self-evaluations, which we then review together with the personnel committee.  I'm not really sure which I hate more: saying negative things about myself that point out my weaknesses, or saying positive things about myself that make me sound like a self-aggrandizing egomaniac.  So, I do some of both and hope it all evens out.  In the evening I went out to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in a while.  Then, through a variety of odd events that did not turn out in the least bit how they were supposed to, I ended up at a bar that has about a million beers, including my very favorite beer in the whole world, Traquair.  The only question I have about this place is, why didn't I know it existed like six years ago?  I have now joined the World Tour of Beers.

On Saturday I had band practice.  I haven't seen the members of my band in at least two months, as we are going through a bass player transition yet again.  The newest guy seems promising, though.  During the three plus a bit years that I have been in some incarnation of this band, we have had something like four guitar players and four bass players.  This is kind of disruptive to the band mojo.

I know this blog is about what happens between Sundays, but I just have to add a note here.  Sundays are exhausting.  It's like I forget this every week and don't fully expect the run-over-by-a-train feeling that inevitably comes at the end of that 12-14 hour day.  Luckily, I have found a new recovery mechanism: "The Walking Dead" on AMC.  I don't really do the whole zombie/horror thing most of the time, but I started watching because I have a bit of a thing for Norman Reedus (blame it on the Boondock Saints).  It's actually really well done, and I'm kind of hooked.  Be warned: do not watch this show if you can't handle gore.  They are not shy about showing blood and entrails, and there are some pretty disgusting scenes.

Monday is my day off, which this week meant that I used it to finish up my evaluation, work on the newsletter, and catch up on the NaNoWriMo, which I had been neglecting for about three days.  For those who are math-challenged, as I tend to be, when you're supposed to write 1,666 words a day, and you don't write for three days, on the fourth day you have almost 7,000 words to crank out.  On a positive note, my characters seem to be developing.  They have started doing things I don't expect.  For example, the group of friends who went to Mexico together, for what was supposed to be the one occasion of untarnished fun in a fairly depressing story, are now in a big fight.  Who knew?

On the agenda for today: meeting, writing for the newsletter, more meeting, trying to locate animals for our living nativity, another meeting with potential to blow up into great drama.  Fun!


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