Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today I Feel...

Every week with my youth groups, I do some sort of check-in exercise to get a sense of how they're doing.  This week we had a sheet of paper that had several faces and descriptions on it, and began with the sentence, "I'll tell you how my day was."  You had to choose a description, like "Late Night News," "Fireworks Display," "Boring Lecture," or "Bible Epic."  The whole point of these kinds of things is to get people talking about how they feel when they wouldn't necessarily just pop out the real words to express their emotions.

I do not need to circle a face to know how I feel, however.  Today I feel resentful and unappreciated.  I think it's probably part of the deal that ministers aren't supposed to be irritated about money, but today, I am irritated.  We're also not supposed to get frustrated when people step on our authority, since we're servants and all that, but I am frustrated.  This being the internet, it's wiser if I don't get specific about what I mean by either of these things, but I am annoyed.

I have tentatively titled my NaNoWriMo effort The Incredible Vanishing Man and Other Circus Freaks.  It's a bitter title, and I feel like today might see some progress in the angry writing area.

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